American Standard Champion 4 Review (2034.014.020)

[amazon_link asins=’B0015BAO18′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’toiletgeek-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0f9def27-aea7-11e8-bc15-713a07f2c1c4′]I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy the peace and quiet of my ‘toilet time’. Those personal moments on the porcelain throne are my safe space from screaming kids, hungry pets, or those repetitive demands from the wife that I finally put those shelves up. No one can touch me in here.

Having a comfortable and efficient toilet to enjoy your ‘me time’ is an absolute must in the modern age. Especially, as since the advent of smartphones, we are spending more time on the potty than ever before!

With an absolute wealth of options and opinions out there, it can be pretty difficult for the layperson to know which toilet to choose. Luckily for you, I am here to give you the lowdown on toilets. In this article I will be talking about one of the top choices in our main toilet reviews page – the well loved and respected American Standard Champion 4.

Features and Benefits

The American Standard Champion 4 is packed with features which will make bathroom visits truly enjoyable, as indeed they should be!

Let’s investigate some of our favorites.


The American Standard Champion 4 boasts a beautiful, sleek, polished, one-piece design that scream quality. This one-piece design is especially easy to install as the tank and the bowl are already connected to each other, thus eliminating the hassle of correctly attaching each section prior to fitting.

Note – The American Standard Champion 4 is not supplied with a seat. Therefore, you will unfortunately have to independently source a quality seat that will fit your new toilet.

Elongated Bowl

Here is where the American Standard Champion 4 really stands out. It features a wonderfully modern, elongated design that provides extra comfort and support for your legs and lower body. This also offers the increased capacity of a longer bowl, heavily reducing any risk of overflowing or clogging issues. Such elongated toilets are especially good for anyone who is elderly or suffers from back pain or a disability.

Powerful Flush

Lack of flushing power is certainly not a concern with the American Standard Champion 4.

If you are one of those people who likes to use lots of paper and then regrets it afterwards, you can rest easy with this toilet. The design allows the expulsion of waste volume which is up to 70% larger than that easily managed by other industry standard toilets!

Featuring a 4 inch accelerator valve and 2 ⅜ inch fully glazed trapway – flush power is enhanced by the strong jets of water able to come rushing into the bowl 3 times faster than other models.

American Standard have tested the power of their flush to shift large amounts of waste in a rather amusing way, by successfully flushing an entire bucket of golf balls! I am pretty sure all of us would like to have a go at that!

Even if you are mature enough as a human being to not be running out to buy golf balls; you can still get legitimately excited about the 1.6 gallons of rapid moving water that you will get with each flush. Clogging or stubborn floating waste is almost an impossibility with this toilet.

This would have been very welcome when I was left struggling to evacuate a deposit from my mother in laws house one particular Thanksgiving!

Stays Clean

American Standard Champion 4 employs a beautiful mirror-like Everclean surface on both the inside and outside of the unit. This effectively prevents stains within the bowl, as well as the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and any other microbial organisms.

In addition to this, the Champion 4 is exceptionally easy to clean on the outside. Due to being a single unit, there are no cracks or joins between the tank and bowl which can collect dirt.

This is great news. Because if you are anything like me, getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing grime out of cracks in the exterior of a toilet base will not be your idea of a good time.

ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant

This American Standard Champion 4 is a ‘comfort height’ toilet which means it is suitable and comfortable for tall people, average height individuals and those with physical challenges. The bowl sits at 16.5 inches, which makes it ADA compliant.


  • Easy to install one piece design.
  • Elongated bowl with a 2 ⅜ inch fully glazed trap.
  • EverClean surface ensures easy cleaning
  • ADA compliant with a seat height of 16.5 inches.
  • Powerful 4 inch accelerator valve
  • Flushes up to 70% more waste than standard models.
  • 12 inch rough in
  • Dimensions: 29 ¾ by 17 ¾ by 29 ½ inches
  • 10 year warranty
  • 100% flush tested

What makes the American Standard Champion 4 Unique?

With this toilet, it is the flush that packs a punch. You will be hard pressed to find another unit that can shift the same volume of waste as efficiently as the Champion 4. If you have struggled with yucky blockages in the past, you can be confident you’ll never have to again with this model.

Potential Drawbacks

In all honesty, I am finding it pretty hard to come up with many negatives about this model. When looking at the technicalities of this toilet, the design quality is impeccable in terms of flushing power, effectiveness and the fantastic EverClean coat.

The first negative thing to leap out me is the lack of a seat with the standard unit. This can be disappointing and creates extra work for you before you will get your bathroom completely finished. But I also realize that many other models are supplied without seats; so this is more a general inconvenience when buying toilets, rather than a real issue with the model itself.

While doing my research, I did come across some complaints about quality control with regard to the moulding. However, these were few and far between. Also, with the 10 year warranty, you can rest assured that you can get a replacement should you not be 100% happy with your toilet.

Should you Buy the American Standard Champion 4?

American Standard toilets are known for their consistent quality and in my opinion, the American Standard Champion 4 certainly sits with the top that I have reviewed. There are very few complaints about the comfort and efficiency of this toilet, which tells us the vast majority of customers are happy with their choice.

It is easy to see why. The flushing power of this model alone blows most others out of the water. The 4 inch accelerator valve and 2 ⅜ inch fully glazed trap work together to provide a level of flushing force that can shift 70% more waste than other toilets, making it a reliable addition to your bathroom. All units are 100% flush tested at the factory before being passed, with American Standard even flushing a bucket of golf balls down the Champion 4 to prove a point! I think you will agree that you are highly unlikely to find yourself battling with a blockage with this toilet.

If you are a busy individual or run a crowded household, you will also appreciate the ease of the Champion 4 installation. On top of this, the addition of the EverClean surface ensures that you can spend less time scrubbing the bathroom, and more time doing what you love. Lastly, as this model is fully ADA compliant, you can be sure it will be a good fit for almost everyone in the family; whether they are tall, short, elderly or have mobility issues.

Overall, aside from having to find a seperate seat, you will undoubtedly find this toilet one of the most efficient, powerful and reliable toilets available on the market today. 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